‘tocktober In The Speed Of Bzzzzzzzzzzz

“This Hummer fluffed its tail feathers at me, and after that offered me The Appearance Of Disapproval! (with Aspect-Vision: Ed.) ” – Portland OR, May H.. http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/06/tocktober-at-the-speed-of-bzzzzzzzzzzz/

The C.O. Cat Café World Tour Persists: Yokohama

came across a Cat Café he believed we have to learn about. (eacute & A Cat Caf; in Japan we don’t learn of? Are you joking? Here’s his review of the Yokohama Miysis CC …and their official site is here now.) *If You Go™ deets in the bottom of the article. *6 units from Kannai Station (JR ). http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/06/the-c-o-cat-cafe-world-tour-continues-yokohama/

‘Tocktober: Bosco Bullybutt

And so C.O. Peeps, the week of ‘Tocktober close-out using the smart Bullybutt. We’ll absolutely have for you on Rodents, It’s Monday…which is currently coming right up. “This is Bosco The Bulldog waiting for his. ‘Suddy? Suddy? U household nonetheless?!!!’ I know, i know, he has a cutesy small bottom!!!!” -Julia =D http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/05/tocktober-bosco-bullybutt/

‘Tocktober At The House Website™

Right, Alane W.? “This is our assistant Molly in a St. Louis Home Site. http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/05/tocktober-at-the-home-depot/

You LEARN She Has That Warm Puppeh Odor

I’ll travel her everywhere she wants to go. http://cuteoverload.com/2014/10/05/you-know-she-has-that-warm-puppeh-smell/