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Analysts can speak in a confusing manner. Sometimes, they make people think one thing when another is actually the truth. After reading this book, you will know what these analysts are saying and what you should do with their advice. The best lesson I learned is to never trust any of these analysts again. I also know that I have to do my own research before I invest. Positive: The author tells us that companies manipulate their earnings.

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Well, there will be slight correction along the way, buy analysts see the bull-run to remain intact given the fact that the rate cycle is likely to reverse in 2015, which will aide growth and revive investment cycle. Earnings growth for India Inc too is set to rebound in the coming quarters. “We just did our earnings review for the quarter gone by and so far the earnings were marginally down on an aggregate basis some 0.8 per cent or so. On an individual company basis there would be variances, but for the year we are still sticking to 15 per cent growth and following that up with 18% growth for the coming year,” says Anant Shirgaonkar, Head of India Equities, UBS. “The recovery is going to be back ended. So in the second half of the year and especially next year there would be more earnings surprises in store for us,” he adds. Shirgaonkar remains extremely bullish on the market with a target of about 9600 on the Nifty , which is about 15 per cent upside from here till December of news 2015. A change in government has altered the perception about the Indian market among global fund managers. They feel India’s medium to long-term growth trend is premised on the inter-play of the structurally positive factors of demographics, reforms and globalisation. India’s GDP growth appears to have bottomed out and will gradually recover with the implementation of various pro-growth policies, but attaining 8 per cent growth rate might not be possible next year.

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(click to enlarge) Data provided by Trading Economics Low mortgage rates, a factor contributing to increased consumer optimism, have been aided by tepid inflation growth. After peaking late last year, the thirty-year mortgage rate has declined to 4.19% in November. The October producer price figure, an inflation gauge released Tuesday, showed annual growth of 1.5%, down from 1.6% in September. With inflation readings running below 2%, the Federal Reserve’s target, an imminent rate rise is unexpected, keeping a cap on mortgage rates, and thus keeping the cost of home buying down. (click to enlarge) Data provided by Trading Economics Housing starts are similarly trending upward to 5-year highs, hopefully keeping positive momentum based on the current economic environment. On Wednesday, October housing starts are expected to shows a rise of 1,025,000, up from the previous month’s total of 1,017,000. Even with the optimistic housing starts projection, and positive momentum, some observers still feel the housing market has further upside . “While the residential real estate market has definitely gotten better, which is good for the U.S. economy, it has not fully recovered.

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